10 Best One Night Stand apps in 2017

Hookup Apps are one of the ways to land one night stands near you, find fuck buddy, or even someone for a threesome.

We prefer hookup sites more than apps, but casual sex apps can also be useful.All one night stand apps listed here are: free and work on a same principle: app use phone (or tablet) GPS device to geo-locate you and make some matches with other people who have same application installed, thank you are starting with texting potential partner, and if you are good at that you land one night stand.

Hookup Apps list

Hookup App
Ios / Android
Flirt Budies hookup app Logo Flirt Buddies
Ios & Android
Tinder hookup app Logo Tinder
Ios & Android
Bumble hookup app Logo Bumble
Ios & Android
Blend  hookup app Logo Blender
Ios & Android
Down hookup app Logo Down
Ios & Android
Coffe Meet bagels  hookup app Logo Coffee Meets Bagel
Ios & Android
Happn  hookup app Logo Happn
Ios & Android
OkCupid hookup app Logo OKCupid
Ios & Android
POF hookup app Logo Plenty Of Fish
Ios & Android



How to use hookup apps for landing one night stands?

Hookups apps, and how to use them to find casual sex partner...

1) Create account

This usually, depends on app, will take you 30seconds.


2) Make your profile attractive and interesting

Upload few of the best pictures you have, maybe to use some filters on them, not too much, make short but precise descriptions of how you are and what you want. Of course don't mention sex, casual hookups, etc, better wrote on your hookup app profile that you want for example to meet new people or something like that, to sound neutral. Don't write too long descriptions, but also don't write to short descriptions, try to explain in few simple sentences, and try not to lie, or at least not to lie too much.


3) Start sending messages to people (chicks)

This is the most important part, dating, no matter is it "classic" or modern with all those apps and sites for meeting people is social game and rules are same and will be same forever. What does that mean? That means to try acting not interested too much for sex, rather you are interested in somebody who thinks same as you, has similar interesting and so on. Also, never open communication with the person with "Hi", "Hi, whats up", and so on. Girls who use hookup apps receive thousands of such messages daily. Try to be original, take look at her image and description and try to open communication on that way that she on your first message can see that you are different from other guys, so be creative. Example: she like books, you are asking "Hi, I sow You like books, what impression you had after reading 30 shades of grey?". Again: just be creative using this pattern, no matter did she like books, comics, fitness, is she obsessed with wellness, etc,etc possibilities are endless.


4) "Close the deal"

When you established communication, try not to ask same day for the meeting, say you have some job to do, that you are busy and that you will contact her, for example, tomorow at 6 PM, and if she accepts, be precise and message her at 6 PM. Prepare 2 things: 1) strategy for initial date and 2) if everything is OK to place to have sex. First: keep in mind that women need to feel safe, so the first date should be at some coffee shop downtown, shopping center or any other place where is a lot of people so she will feel safe. Second is pretty obvious, you can't use an app to find the partner for casual sex if you don't have a place for sex. Be generous, pay the bill, don't let her to split the bill with you. Women like to offer that, but you will be much "higher" valued in her eyes if you don't allow that.

* All apps reviewed here are claimed as free hookup apps, but some of those apps will ask you to pay to get some more functionality, for example, no limit in daily messages number, no limits in contacts you can make on a daily base and so on. Keep in mind there is no clear border between paid and free hookups apps.


Sex Apps Reviews


Tinder Tinder hookup app Logo

One of the first casual sex apps is Tinder, everybody knows that. Also, Tinder is one of the sites with largest members base. Works very simple: the app will show you people selected by your criteria, you take a look and if you want to try with her (or him) swipe right, if you are not interested swipe left. Tinder was #1 for years and still is a nice hookup app, but there are many others who do things better than Tinder.

Keep in mind that Tinder app has really huge member base, about 60.000.000 people have Tinder account, so there is everything for anybody, on the other side hotter girls or women, are very, very hard to hookup using Tinder.



Bumble Bumble hookup app Logo

Bumble is a different concept: they are something like a social network for dating and hookups. Mostly 20s population is using it, but also can be found older members. Some women like due to some features, for example: you can't (if you are male) to initiate communication, they are choosing, somebody says that is real feminism :) If you ask us Bumble sucks, but we need to add it to list because has huge members base and really belongs to top 10 hookup/dating apps in the world. Again, one of reason is why we prefer hookup sites more than casual sex apps :)



Blendr Blend  hookup app Logo

Blendr is similar to Bumble (social networking, dating, and hookups in the same package) but it is built with the feature that introvert and shy people likes: you can hide your identity, use a false name or even false photo. That may sound good and useful but actually, it is useless. Thanks about this situation: you made a fake profile, you having communication with a beautiful girl, you arrange a meeting, how will you go on that date? Especially if you told her that you are 25 y/o handsome gay and you are actually 35 y/o bald and a bit tired guy? :) So Blendr also sucks according to our opinion. But on the other side, we couldn't skip this dating app for the same reason: huge members base, and really belongs to top 10 dating apps.




DOWN Down hookup app Logo

Down is completely casual sex oriented. No "socializing" or similar things only hookups. Everybody knows why are on Down. Same like other it is hard to hookup with hot girls, but a lot of fatties, single mother, etc. At least they are all honest, they want sex, it is up to you to decide what are your criteria when picking girls from Down for casual hookups, or long-term fuck buddies.




Happn Happn  hookup app Logo

Happn is unique by it geo-targeted matchmaking system, which works only for people 250 meters around you. Idea behind is to "stimulate," people think "huh if he/she is so close, why not give him/her a chance". That is in theory, in reality, womens are picky like always :) In reality, a guy will travel hundreds of miles to get sex, and also in a real-world girl if don't like you, you can sit next to her will not have sex with you. No offense, but those are facts :)




POF POF hookup app Logo

POF can be used as sex app, but its primary goal is dating. POF is largest dating site on the World, and most women and girls accept that fact and they are not very interesting for casual things, they want relationships, marriage, dating, going out, traveling, and so on. A lot of girls and women with kids but without husbands, a lot of fatties, we were never liked POF so the grade is: it sucks! :)

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