Idea to make resource about one night stands come, as all good ideas: accidentally! :)

Few older friends with significant experience with opposite sex (with women) were bothered every day buy few younger friends, who were looking in older those chaps like their idols. Once, one of older pals decided to tell others that it would be nice to make small written instruction, like small One Night Stand F.A.Q. so everybody interested can learn some base facts from those who who know the game.

And here we are, building this resource everyday, accepting your suggestions, comments question, so if you have anything to ask or suggest, related to PUA, one night stands, even dating and similar stuff, feel free to contact us.

5th Birthday update...

For past 5 years online, ONS guide visited a lot of people, we received thousands of questions and suggestions, to some we answered directly, for those frequently asked we added into this "get laid" guide. Still adding new questions and answers, but we are a bit lazy so sometimes it takes few weeks or months to answer, but we promise that we will be more accurate! :)

An interesting fact is that tens of younger and older men messaged us and saying "big thanks", that makes our happy, and most interested we publish on the home page, so if you share their feeling feel free to drop us a message and we will probably publish your comment too.

Your ONS team wish you a lot of great hookups and funny night with nice ladies, and don't forget to visit our online hookup sites reviews and user voted list of best hookup sites and apps. :)

One of the things that we learned from You, our visitors is that we need blog to answer you questions or al least those questions which are very common, so feel free to visit our blog and learn something new about women... :)