170.000.000 females in US, so you still have problem landing one night stand ...?US has about 320.000.000 population, half of that number are females and other half males. If we subtract about 20% we get number of 130 million sexually active girls, women and milfs, what make USA on of best countries to catch a girl for casual one night stand and so called non string attached sex or any other kind of intimacy. We are reviewing various hookup sites and apps to give you best info where and how to find sex partners near you.


The number of sexually active females in the US is aprox. 130.000.000! Can you release that number? It is not just about numbers, there are few countries on this world that have even more females, but there is no country where females are so freely, ready to experiment, emancipated and ready to have sex like US. Those 2 facts give us picture that US is best place on earth to find free sex any time and anywhere: on your job, street, at bar, in the club at beach, again anywhere and anytime, no matter do you want, date, intimacy wild sex with no strings attached. Online one night stands landing is also a good option, so possibilities are limitless. Simply you can get sex without money whenever you want, it is just about your approach, sexual appetite and your altitude.
Conclusion is that finding sex partner (female partner) is easier that anywhere in the world, on the opposite finding male sex partner even is more easy.


Look at number of females by US cities to see how easy can be to find one night stand in any major or minor US city. We categorized by by states so pick up state to see how much cities have and how much ladies is out there:


Get laid in Alabama Get laid in Alaska Get laid in Arizona Get laid in Arkansas Get laid in California Get laid in Colorado Get laid in Connecticut Get laid in Delaware Get laid in District of Columbia Get laid in Florida Get laid in Georgia Get laid in Hawaii Get laid in Idaho Get laid in Illinois Get laid in Indiana Get laid in Iowa Get laid in Kansas Get laid in Kentucky Get laid in Louisiana Get laid in Maine Get laid in Maryland Get laid in Massachusetts Get laid in Michigan Get laid in Minnesota Get laid in Mississippi Get laid in Missouri Get laid in Montana Get laid in Nebraska Get laid in Nevada Get laid in New Hampshire Get laid in New Jersey Get laid in New Mexico Get laid in New York Get laid in North Carolina Get laid in North Dakota Get laid in Ohio Get laid in Oklahoma Get laid in Oregon Get laid in Pennsylvania Get laid in Rhode Island Get laid in South Carolina Get laid in South Dakota Get laid in Tennessee Get laid in Texas Get laid in Utah Get laid in Vermont Get laid in Virginia Get laid in Washington Get laid in West Virginia Get laid in Wisconsin Get laid in Wyoming
Look at some numbers from ABC News and Business Insider survaws, there are some interesting data about Americans sexual behavior in 21st century, this will help you to get the picture on how easy can be finding sex in the US today, and also look at our collection of infographics where are explained many aspects of online dating and USA population sexual behavior.