What is Sexting ?

Sexting is defined as "sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs or images", at least Wikipedia says that. We are focused on online one night stands "landing", but received a lot of messages from (mostly males) who are asking for the guide about sexting. So before you open acount(s) on some of our favorite hookup sites, read careful this guide to increase your chances of getting laid.

Sextingcan be fun nad ecxciting

Topics like how to land online one night stands, how to land local online stands and get laid, best sex sites to use and best hookup apps are already "covered", but what many people ask is how to make sex conversations on best way and increase chance for real hookup, so we decided to cover that topic too.


Starting a Sexting conversation

When You are starting Sex Conversation online with a potential hookup partner, it is a good idea to start "slowly" and "light" sexting conversation. To be more precise: it depends on a level of intimacy you have with the person on another side. Idea is to start a normal conversation and then slowly raise the sexual tension, but very slowly, because that is the only way to understand is another side interested. Point of sexting is to get some pleasant "virtual" moments, but what is much more important is to arrange a real-life meeting and get sex. If you are successful in conversation that dramatically increases your chances to have sex with a person who is sexting with you.

Start with general questions, and then slowly goo "deeply" if another side accepts that level of communication. For example: don't say "do You want to bang with me", rather be more tactic. Start sexting with something, "how are you", "what you were doing today" and so on. After that continue "how are you, resting, what you have for dinner", sand a lot of positive emotions, make her feel that you are not interesting for sending intimate pictures nor for real sex, pretend you just take care about her and that you are only interested how is she, did she has hard day at job/college/school, anywhere. After that, if she gives "signs" that she would like to have a more intimate conversation you can go deeper, but still slow, with questions or statements like "I am a bit lonely, didn't have a girlfriend for very long time" and so on. If another side, continue in the same manner, and say that she is too "lonely" or something, then you are going in the best possible way, you made a first successful step in sexting now you need to play a game, go to 2nd step and close a deal (arrange real hookup).



"Driving" Sexting conversation onthe best way

When you come to bit more relaxed level of communication in your online (or phone/app / whatever) sexting session, then you need to drive sexting conversation in the best way, to sexually intrigue another side. Still, you should look not so much interested but need to give your best to close a deal in this way: don't be obsessed with some very creative sexting ideas, don't reinvent the wheel, follow very simple rules.

1) start with making jokes that have a little bit sexual connotation

2) If another side accept that level of communication that be a more directive

3) if you can, avoid sending own images because if you can excite her only with your words (sexting) that picture can be a distractor, on the other said don't ask for pictures because when one side sends picture another will ask too, and as we said avoid naked or any other images

4) When sexting become hot, stop it, tell that is not so interesting to you (no matter if you are very excited) and ask for a real meeting.

If you follow those 4 steps there is huge chance that your online conversation will lead to real hookup . Now we are going to final step, closing a deal or just "let have some real sex" ! :)




"Closing a deal" - arrange online hookup

When you followed previously described steps you are ready to go out and meet in person. Best would be immediate if another side is interested since that is a moment of tension, you are both "hot" from previous online sexting and when people are hot their decisions are a bit different, that is some kind mind state like you are a bit drunk :)

Choose an appropriate public place, and prepare everything in case your sexting partner want after few drinks or coffee or whatever to go to your place, so place, condoms, some money in the pocket are must have things in this situation.

So just keep walking and good luck in sexting and one night stand landing! :)



Sexting Tips & Tricks, for Him and Her

- Avoid sending images, preffer "words"
- Read articles in our resources section
- Don't try to be too creative follow 4 easy steps to hookup after your sexting conversation
-Don't ask too many question
- Try not to lie
- Don't look too much at 50 Shades of Grey



Popular Sexting Apps

Apps that most people use for sexting:

- Kik messagner
- WhatsApp
- Snap Chat
- Tinder
- Apple Face Time

All apps are free to use without limitations.



Sexting Web sites (forums) where you can find people (partners) interested in Sexting

Most popular forums to find people for sexting are:

- https://www.sextingforum.net
- https://sextingconversation.com
- http://thesextingforum.com
- http://smext.me


Addiceted to Sexting...

In past years many people reported they feel addicted to sexting. That means they have many apps and sites where they sext with other people, sending nude pictures, asking nude pictures and "dirty" words from another side. It is not clinically categorized that thing such "addiction to sexting" exists, but probably will be when a significant amount of people report same symptoms.

Anycase, if you feel like it is described, the advice is very simple: just do it! :) It can't harm anybody if that makes you and another side in sexting conversations and picture exchanging feel OK or excited than just keep doing that. Look at sexting like any other type of fun, like you are going to the movie, or dring few drinks with pals in the local bar...




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Resources about Sexting....

- https://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Sexandyoungpeople/Pages/sexting-images-risk-young-people.aspx

- http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sexting/

- https://www.bustle.com/articles/131300-50-example-sexting-ideas-you-can-use-right-now

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexting

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ9Up1o6_ak (VIDEO)