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After many suggestions and questions from our readers, we decided to write sexting guide, enjoy! :)

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After many messages in our inbox with a question "why you are reviewing only hookup sites, where are apps, blah, blah " we prepared for you our top 10 hookup apps in 2018 , enjoy! :)

Also, we added some more interesting facts about sex dating sites and how to use them to reach great success and have a ton of sex :)




Go to the Top of the pageCasual Sex, Dating and Hookups INFORGRAPHCS (Nov 3 / 2017)

We made the great collection of Infographics related to love, sex, hookups, online one night stands, online dating, sexual behavior, sexual secrets, STDs and everything else related to casual sex, hookups and one night stands, since that topic is what we are covering :) So enjoy i careful read (and learn something from 1st 10 infographics we made for you: How singles use technology in dating and hookups , Online dating facts for both genders , How to know is she flirting with you or sending false signals , ) Which USA cites have sex the most? , 12 Myths about sex, Dating in Virtual world of 21st century , What women want from men , Casual sex and Hookups Stats , Top 10 sex confesions and STDs risks .




Go to the Top of the page4 Reasons Why You Don’t Get Laid (Oct 31 / 2017)

You need to get laid but you still can't? We already wrote about common reasons, but let tell few more words.

Reason #1) I always start with confidence, women just love when seeing that on man side, and that is some kind of aphrodisiac, on some base level or whatever.

Reason #2) Second reason can be money: we all know that guys with a lot of money and nice cars can get laid whenever they want with the most woman around them.

Reason #3) Another reason that can be a problem is that you not consuming alcohol, I am not saying that you need to drink too much, but few glasses of wine will make things happen much faster.

Reason #4) At the end of this short blog post, I will mention that you also may look too needy. When women see men who are desperately looking for sex, she will loose interesting, that is again something on some base level. Think about those 4 things I said, and go out or open online account on hookup site and get laid tonight!




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Everything started like some kind of experiment, something like "let share our experience since a lot of boys and men have a problem with women around us, so let make simple guide to avoid repeating the same story in real life, again and again..." :) What learned in this time, according to many comments we received is that there is huge number of males who are having problems and getting relationships or just casual sex with opposite sex, even in today time of technologies, various dating sites and apps, Facebook, CraigsList and all other stuff, so we decided to improve our site, with more details and more examples that will help you to have more luck with girls and women ! :)

Go to the Top of the pageBlog... (Oct 21 / 2017)

After 5 years and few millions of visitors, thousands of messages that we received and so on, we learned a thing: site needs a blog! :) So, that's it, we will not write very often but will do our best.The idea is simple: most interesting questions and suggestions that are hitting our mailbox will be the subject of our blog posts. Everything on attracting women, finding them in real life or online will be covered here.